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dimensional marketing piece for Parexel by Structural Graphics

Marketing Solutions in Action: Medical Brands

We worked with Parexel Informatics, a division of Parexel based in Boston, Massachusetts, to communicate its brand and services as an eClinical technology purveyor. The job needed a custom marketing solution that was eye-catching, but also professional and demonstrative of the brand’s 30-plus years of experience in its field.

The idea behind Parexel’s campaign was to incorporate print into their marketing strategy to promote the benefits of their data monitoring technology to help “decision making faster and easier” for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The four-page, changing picture piece Parexel selected creatively promotes the features of its data monitoring solutions aimed at helping medical businesses gather insight into their clinical trial studies.

Project Features

Strong Marketing Message

As you can see below…“Decisions about data aren’t always clear… Unless you have data-driven monitoring”

The message is simple, clear and strong. It positions the brand as a solution to a problem targeted at a specific set of individuals.

Parexel-4-Page-Changing-Picture_sg2Supportive Design

The paper based, dimensional format engages recipients with its artistic design reflecting the notion that Parexel’s services “makes things clearer.” The cover intentionally draws the eye to a blurry, illegible image masked with Mylar coating and set inside a custom, die cut window;  the copy reads: “Decisions about data aren’t always clear.”

Once the recipient flips the cover to read the inside, the message is driven home, “Unless you have data-driven monitoring.”  Now a clear snapshot of Parexel’s data monitoring service can seen.

dimensional marketing piece for Parexel by Structural Graphics

Parexel preserved the company brand with colors and styles that coalesce with its website and logo. The result is a seamless association with the brand that is both professional and clear online and off.

Digital Interaction

The recipients of this piece were given lots of great opportunities to learn more about the Parexel Informatics.


The call to action “When your data is clear, so are your decisions. Find out more at PAREXEL.com/DataDrivenMonitoring,” led people to a specific web page on the company’s website with more details into the brand’s services.

Paraxel Informatics also uploaded a special video to greet customers once they arrived from the print piece:

Learn more about our marketing solutions for pharmaceutical industry, here: www.structuralgraphics.com/work/by-industry/pharmaceutical.