The Flat-Cube: Popping up near you

More than 30 years ago, a fascination with pop-up books and paper led Structural Graphics to engineer a new advertising medium focused on dimensional print.

Now, we help the world’s leading brands differentiate themselves from the competition by thinking differently about paper and what it can do. Continue reading

Design ideas for your holiday cards and promotions

When you’re a marketer, it’s never too soon to plan ahead. With the holidays coming up, now is a great time to begin planning something special for your audience.

We’ve curated some of our holiday designs to help you get inspired by 3D cards, gift holders and displays that connect businesses to people in delightful new ways.  Continue reading


Stats from 2013 USPS Household Diary Study

Earlier in the year, The United States Postal Service released its annual Household Diary Study for fiscal year 2013. The study examines mail trends in national households, including how Americans send, receive and use mail.

Continue reading


Promotional packaging for swim safety tech, iSwimband

Aquatic Safety Concepts, parent company of iSwimband, turned to Structural Graphics to design and produce promotional product packaging for the international launch of its new wearable swim safety detector, the iSwimband. Continue reading


Mechanisms that move: Shadow Box

The Shadow Box exhibits 3D shapes and graphics to help brands meaningfully connect with buyers. It’s a marketing option that can be integrated with digital technology to carry conversations online too. Continue reading

The Giant Realistic Flying Tiger from Uncle Grandpa. Image courtesy Wikia.

Cartoon Network promotional work: Putting a tiger on a stick

Our projects take on all shapes and sizes, so when Drew & Rogers turned to us to help Cartoon Network produce a fun and imaginative promotional piece for its animated television series Uncle Grandpa, we came up with a way to turn their concept into reality. Continue reading

The future of marketing: Print & digital need to work in tandem

As a marketing agency with an eye on the future, Structural Graphics is always on the lookout for cool ways to extend engagement with our clients products. So when Forbes released a study this week of how consumer goods companies are keeping pace with digital marketing and technology, we devoured it. Now we’re sharing our takeaways with you. Continue reading