Gustavo Gutierrez


Vice President, Operations

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Gus joined Structural Graphics in November of 1998. He brought to the company 9 years of manufacturing experience with world class companies like Haggar, in Brownsville, TX, Coach in Miami, FL, and Vanity Fair intimate apparel in Mexico. It was during his time with these three companies that he learned the discipline of teamwork and one-piece flow concepts. Today, Gus manages our warehouse and staging facility in Eagle Pass,Texas, and both of our hand assembly and fulfillment plants in Piedras Negras and Rio Bravo, Mexico, respectively. Gus is fully bi-lingual and bi-cultural. He graduated in 1984 as a CPA from Monterrey Tech. He worked as a CPA in Mexico for one year before coming to the United States.

Gus is uniquely qualified for his role at Structural Graphics. He has the perfect combination of manufacturing experience and intelligence, along with awareness of both Mexican and American cultures. Ask him how he manages the challenges of dealing with both sides of the border in multiple locations, and he responds "Simple. I just try to apply The Golden Rule to everything I do in life."

Gus is married to his wife Aurora, and they have two children, Eric and Anel. He spends as much time as he can with his family. He is an avid soccer player and fan, and is very active with a soccer team at one of our plants in Mexico.

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