3 Solutions to Your Direct Mail Challenges

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Thinking about ways to make your direct marketing campaign stronger?

Three misconceptions we often hear about direct mail are that there isn’t enough space for copy, that it gets ignored by consumers and that it doesn’t have a place in digital campaigns.


Many marketers already know that direct mail is a valuable way to engage consumers–half of people who receive it will open and read it. But the harder part is having the right message delivered in just the right way. With more than 40,000 customizable templates in our arsenal, we’ve managed to help businesses dodge these challenges with creative design solutions tailored to meet their needs.

So keep reading and learn more.

Challenge: Already have a campaign
Solution: Integrate it

There’s no doubt video is an effective way to reach people. Many businesses are investing advertising money into YouTube and other channels to promote brand awareness. We’ve worked with clients to integrate multimedia and other streaming content into their direct mail. Options (like the one below) include fully functional touchscreen video that allows recipients  to pause, play and adjust the volume.

Businesses can also incorporate Web Keys and AR/QR codes that link to existing campaigns on social media and web.

Challenge: Space
Solution: Creative templates that add real estate to your messaging

Stop worrying about having enough room. With templates like the Exploding Page and Telescoping Folder you can produce a marketing piece that opens up to twice its original size and still ships at the standard flat rate.

Exploding Page Mailer
The Telescoping Folder has panels that extend out telescope-style to give extra space for messaging and graphics.

Challenge: My format is boring
Solution: Add the element of surprise

Our paper engineers love to experiment with different ways to hide and reveal images. The Magic X-Ray Viewer adds visual intrigue by revealing hidden graphics and messages and our patented Pop-Up Cube is a popular design because of how effective it is at making an impression.  It literally jumps out of the envelope.

Magic X-Ray Viewer
Pop-Up Cube Mailer

So what kind of solutions is your business looking for? Send us an email and let us know how we can help.

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