Esquire marketing mock up with Slide-Pop by SG

5 Real-Life Uses of Slide-Pop Marketing

Sometimes all it takes is a simple conversation with our sales team — the eyes and ears of our clients — and before you know it our paper engineers are ideating creative pop-up formats that bring brand marketing to new levels.


Esquire marketing mock up with Slide-Pop design.
Esquire marketing mock up with Slide-Pop design.

Many of Structural Graphics’ interactive templates come at the request of our clients. That’s how it happened with our Slide-Pop® mechanism, a print format that morphs brochures, displays, mailers and packaging into surprising, real life animations that move when people interact with them. Inspired by a request to create “something that flips on a pull tab,” Senior Designer & Paper Engineer Rob Kelly created this popular format.

What is Slide-Pop Marketing?

Slide-pop marketing is an interactive format designed with our patented Slide-Pop mechanism. It can reinforce transformative messaging and introduce surprise designs to your print marketing projects.

“The Slide-Pop is a versatile, engaging and cost effective paper mechanism. It performs for our clients who use it in direct mail, packaging, point-of-sale, sales aids and other distribution channels. Unlike many of our formats which do a great job of showing ‘before and after’ or multi-view comparisons, the Slide-Pop can be used to either show transformation, like a caterpillar into a butterfly, or — in a surprising and engaging way — reveal what’s hidden.”

Ethan Goller, President, Structural Graphics

Slide-Pop Benefits

Slide-Pop is useful for industries of all kinds, including; auto, beauty, games and electronics, entertainment, healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, travel and more. Plus, it mails flat therefore saving on postage.

Reasons Why It’s Cool:

— It makes fully dimensional objects appear on the pull of a tab
— It can be applied to other interactive formats, like the Telescoping Folder and Extendo
— It can be applied in multiple places on the same piece
— It can be used in a packaging scenario
— It can have multiple, sequential flips and be used for automatic flip-books

5 Real-Life Uses of the Slide-Pop Design

1. Reinforce “Stand Out” messaging with creative graphics, like in this Pacific Life Extendo. 

Pacific Life Extendo with Slide-Pop by Structural Graphics

2. Highlight product evolution as shown in Pepsi Max’s new product marketing with transformative Slide-Pop graphics.


3. Reveal hidden imaging and emphasize brand strengths and services.


4. Flips through offering and reveals a secret gift or code.

See a video demo here:

Other Home Depot examples are available, including one below.


5. Embed hidden information, web keys and flip-books with designs that also link back to the web.


Let’s work together to create something great! Learn more about our interactive marketing products and tell us about your next project by filling out our online contact form or call us at 860-767-2661.

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