Direct Mailer for Lincoln MKS

Give Your Audience More to Be Happy About

Sometimes your audience just needs a little more. Meet the Extendo. Like its name suggests, it gives brands extra room for messaging and graphics and adds a level of participant interaction that rivals digital.

The Extendo is a patented print design housed within our library of marketing tools. Its objective is to engage people with a tactile representation of your brand and make a big impression so they’ll stick around for more.

Meet the Extendo

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“This piece is built and executed with extendable surface area, allowing more room for messaging and graphics specifically tailored to a target audience,” says Sarah Bigoness, marketing manager for Structural Graphics. 

The Extendo has interconnected panels that expand automatically to incite interest in your messaging. Each panel can be customized with images, text and designs. Our team of designers can even add audio, lights, video and web keys to make the recipient’s experience really pop — and support messaging across media.

This Is How We Do It

See how these five brands — from healthcare to consumer packaged goods — used the Extendo to communicate with their customers in new ways.

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This U.S. Banking company used the Extendo to thank attendees of its annual college football event sponsored by the bank.

Capital One Thank You Mailer by Structural Graphics


Bio-pharmaceutical company Intercept Pharmaceuticals used this mailer to educate healthcare professionals on the liver disease Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC).

Bio pharmaceutical mailer for Intercept Pharmaceuticals


Glen Ellen created a direct mailer with the Extendo to advertise its wine and send a coupon in the mail.

Glen Ellen direct mailer


Luxury vehicle brand, The Lincoln Motor Company used this mailer to to promote its consumer product line, the Lincoln MKS.

Direct Mailer for Lincoln MKS


“Business Education should never be one size fits all” the custom piece we did for Georgia State spoke to prospective MBA students.

Georgia State University direct mailer to MBA students


Check out more industry-specific work samples here.

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