6 stages to create a dimensional print piece

From ideas to fulfillment, we do it all. 

Every project at SG consists of six stages:

  1. Concept
  2. Format
  3. Prototype
  4. Template
  5. Proof and produce
  6. Mail and fulfill

Doodles become designs

During a discovery meeting, we meet with the client for a creative brainstorming session where their needs and challenges are discussed, including: products, features, competition, budget, target audience, theme, messaging and shipping. During these sessions no idea is too small or too big.

“Don’t be intimidated to take those cocktail napkin sketches or doodles to us. We can make a fully realized, tangible object out of it for you,” says Senior Designer and Paper Engineer Rob Kelly.

Sketches for SG’s Nationwide Financial LED Lighted Popper

Choosing a format: Standard or custom?

Clients have the option of choosing from more than 40,000 dimensional print project templates or we’ll work to create a custom design that perfectly fits a pre-existing or new marketing campaign.

Standard formats consist of pre-designed die cut shapes and mechanisms, which can be modified to create any kind of design or theme. Some of our classic, patented templates include:

  • Changing Picture
  • Extendo
  • Flip Book
  • Flapper
  • Flat Cube
  • Rolling Cube
  • Telescoping Folder

If a client opts for a custom format, our designers create a comprehensive sketch reflecting ideas from the discovery meeting. 

Both custom and standard designs can include technical enhancements like LED lights, sound, video and web drivers to bridge messaging to other outreach avenues.

Ideas come to life

Prototype time!  We build a blank prototype to test the functionality and technical enhancements of the design.

Concept development for custom DriveCam design.

From the finalized prototype, a digital template is made and sent to the client. The template serves as a guide for artwork and helps the client see how messaging lays out and where graphics are needed on a piece.

Finalize the project

“Along with the [digital] template you get a physical sample with all the sides marked. So you can relate the digital template to the physical object. If you’re not used to working dimensionally like that, it makes it easy,” says Kelly.


During the proofing stage, our quality control also reviews project files for copy, content and color. Then, the piece is sent to production for printing and die cutting.

Deploying your campaign

“Just as important as high quality printing and accurate die cutting you need good quality hand assembly. Each and every piece – whether a few hundred or a few million pieces – [needs to be] constructed correctly and precisely to the design’s specifications,” says Business Development Director Mary Ann Konishesky.

Once assembly is completed, the last step is printing the pieces then bulk shipping them to the client or mailing them directly to the client’s mailing list. We design all pieces to comply with postal regulations and offer complete fulfillment and mailing services.

Ready to start designing? Call us at 860-767-2661 or drop us a line at [email protected].

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