Amp It Up: Energy Capabilities & Ideas

What happens when energy companies test the effectiveness of dimensional marketing?

They receive response rates that average three times higher than traditional mail.

Dimensional marketing projects used for our energy clients.
Dimensional marketing projects used for our energy clients.

Direct and dimensional marketing services help energy companies promote:

– Energy savings and rebates
– Green alternatives
– Online tools
– Referral programs, services and more!

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Direct and dimensional marketing incorporates creatively designed, paper-based engineering to produce a range of business communications targeted to a specific audience. Dimensional marketing takes various forms, including: direct mail, sales aids and presentation kits, counter top displays, magazine inserts, gift cards, web keys and QR codes.

Dimensional homes were designed and integrated into this marketing campaign for First Energy to help the company connect with new homeowners.

One thing they all have in common: people can’t put them down.

Take a look at the photo gallery we put together and see examples of our work with some of the country’s biggest energy suppliers.


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