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[PHOTOS] A Night to Remember With Invercote

Structural Graphics definitely had “A Night to Remember” at Invercote’s exhibit celebrating design at the Glass Houses at the Chelsea Towers in New York City, which we recently blogged about.

Below are images from the event, with snapshots of the amazing work on display (including our own!) and the SG crew.

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Structural Graphics Designer Isabel Uria at Invercote's event.

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VP of Creative, Structural Graphics, Michael Dambra

Michael Dambra, vice president of creative at Structural Graphics at the event.

Isabel Uria, Structural Graphics designer

Isabel Uria, Structural Graphics designer and paper engineer during her 3-D design presentation.

Structural Graphics Gina Block at Invercote event

Gina Block, creative brand manager at Structural Graphics chats during the event.

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Victoria’s Secret packaging design by Structural Graphics.

Structural Graphics direct mail

Direct mail piece, highlighting the event.

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3 Reasons to Follow Structural Graphics on Pinterest

Since visual art and design is one of our biggest passions, Structural Graphics has lots of reasons to be pinning away on Pinterest. Here are three reasons why you should be following us.

1. Samples of our work.

Allergan flower mailer resized 600

Curious about what dimensional marketing can do for your business? Well, stroll on over to our Pinterest page for a peek at what we’ve done.

2. Inspiration.

Since our page is curated by one of our awesome paper engineers, you get an inside look at what designs inspire our creatives. Like this:

via jurianne matter blogspot

Image above via

3. Meet our peeps.

Put a face to the name. Meet the incredible team who creates our amazing dimensional marketing pieces.

heather ertel Structural Graphics resized 600

Shown above, Heather Ertel, director of marketing at Structural Graphics.

You’ll even find some fun bonus stuff to check out, like this adorable three-year-old’s reaction to our pop-up work:



Happy pinning!

Structural Graphics Brings Home Two Awards at CADC Awards

Last week, Structural Graphics was awarded at the Connecticut Art Directors Club (CADC) Annual Awards ceremony themed “Innovation Over Automation.”

Structural Graphics, a 3-D print and design shop based in Essex, Conn., received two awards for its 2012 Holiday Card and education campaign in the greeting card and self-promotion categories.

StructuralGraphicsCADCaward resized 600

“It’s a great accomplishment to be recognized for our self-promotional work and a testament to the creativity and innovation we bring to our client’s work,” said Heather Ertel, director of marketing at Structural Graphics.

The CADC awarded gold, silver and excellence medals in 12 different categories that ranged from print to broadcast and digital design. Artists were awarded for best in show, printing, judges’ picks and the Richard Hess Spirit of Creativity Award, which exemplifies innovation or excellence.

SG Designers receive CADC awards

Above, Structural Graphics’ Gina Block, creative brand manager and Erik Hluchan, creative director with the award winning pieces.

The awards were judged by five accomplished artists specializing in design, photography, painting and visual communications. Approximately 140 awards were given to Connecticut agencies and studios at a ceremony at New Haven Country Club.

The CADC is a network of creative professionals in the design and communications industry. Its mission is to promote excellence in the visual communications arena and encourage communications professionals and students to share and be creative with one another.

Higher Ed Messaging to Remember

Take a photo journey of what today’s direct mail looks like. Structural Graphics, a one-stop design shop specializing in dimensional paper design, created the pieces below to demonstrate how higher education marketers can achieve outeach efforts through bold direct mail campaigns.

structural graphics higher ed direct mail marketing

Both the megaphone and box ship flat to the recipient and pop out upon opening to reveal three dimensional shapes.

structural graphics higher ed direct mail marketing


structural graphics higher ed direct mail marketing

The messaging is clear-cut. The design is clean, bright, fun and interactive. Both demonstrate how Structural Graphics can work with higher ed institutions to break through to prospective students, parents and alumni.

structural graphics higher ed direct mail marketing


structural graphics higher ed direct mail marketing

Learn more about our higher ed direct mail designs.

Do you have questions about SG’s work? Or maybe you just want to share your two cents with us? Tell us in the comments below.

Structural Graphics Unveils Newly Redesigned Website

Structural Graphics new website resized 600The next time you visit Structural Graphics online you’ll discover a hip one-stop design shop with a (big) passion for dimensional paper design.

The company recently overhauled their site with all new designs, images and content. The resulting template is bright, fresh and modern.

“The goal of the redesign was to provide users with ease of navigation, inspiration to our clients and prospects, and to portray a sense of community around our designers, paper engineers and also our community in Essex,” says Heather Ertel, director of marketing.

The niche marketing and design shop is located in Essex, Connecticut, a town noted as “The Perfect Small American Town” in Norm Crampton’s “The 100 Best Small Towns in America”, and listed as a destination in the travel guide, “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”.

The redesign successfully exhibits Structural Graphics’ marketing and design work in a bigger way. Large photographs and image galleries pepper the site – giving users an up-close-and-personal view of the incredible and 3 dimensional design projects Structural Graphics is known for doing.

“We wanted to give people a sense of who we are. Our goal was to portray our work with bigger photography, more image galleries and to categorize our capabilities, not just by application, but by use; so visitors could start to have an understanding of the various ways they can use the work we put together,” Ertel explains.

Structural Graphic’s new website not only shows that they do amazing things with paper design, but that they know how to incorporate that medium with today’s technology – from web keys and personal URLS to QR & AR codes – to drive traffic online too.

Among the site’s new features are in-house designer biographies to help people learn more about Structural Graphics’ creative department, and a new “My Lightbox” application, which allows users to save their favorite products for inspiration or future use. The site also integrates with social media, so sharing is easy on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

For Structural Graphics, the new website is a step towards reinvigorating the beauty of paper design. “All things old are new again. Interesting printmaking techniques are making a resurgence and people are seeing the beauty of [paper again],” Ertel says.

3 Ways to Show Personality in Your Marketing

"Personality" image via

Use your brand’s personality to engage consumers with your marketing campaigns.

It’s 2013 and your target audience is getting hit by every marketing medium under the sun. From social media, web, TV, newspaper and mail, consumers are barraged with “Buy Now” “Save More” and “One Day Only” at an alarming, and often exhausting, rate.

So why should marketers care about all this? Well, because their strategy is just one of hundreds that consumers see every day. In 2012, Consumer Reports reported that at least 247 ads were seen each day by consumers. With so many promotional messages, consumers have begun tuning out these messages, and unless marketers can find a way to breakthrough all that clutter, their campaigns will fall on deaf ears, and glossed over eyes.

So what do you do about it? Get a personality. Yes, it can be that simple. The best way to stand out from all that competition is to be drastically different from them. Here’s how:

Show your people.

Show consumers who you are. Feature your best people, your new people, and anyone else on your team who can put a voice and a face to your brand. Help your consumers see that your company isn’t just a machine wanting something from them. Instead, demonstrate how your company is like them, how your mission is a benefit to them, and how the people behind the scenes are working to make their life easier and better.

Engage consumers!

In this day and age there are so many great ways to engage consumers. Of course social media is a part of that, but direct mail campaigns are also incredible at inciting responses from consumers. Direct mail goes beyond one-dimensional postcards. Today’s technology has enhanced direct mail; pieces now include impressive sensory enhancements like audio, pop-up design and light modules. They feature personal URL’s, or custom web landing pages based on your customer’s interests and previous interactions with your business, and web keys that encourage consumers to visit specific pages of your website. All of these techniques engage consumers through impressionable marketing campaigns that are hard to ignore.

Lighten Up!

Marketing is all about reaching out to people and the best way to become a people person is to drop the stuffy corporate tone. People connect better with wit, sarcasm, and humor because that’s how we are in real life. It’s easier to build rapport with consumers when authenticity is the rule of thumb.

Do your marketing campaigns have personality? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Traits of Awesome Marketers Part II: Gratitude

Gratitude image via

I was once on my way back from a marketing presentation across the state, when I stumbled upon a cute little vintage boutique called Brazen Betties down the street from my work site. I couldn’t stop myself from perusing the eclectic handmade jewelry and vintage clothing inside.

As I stood in front of a mirror admiring a feathered, handmade hair accessory, the owner Julia Sloan walked up to me exclaiming how nicely the colors complimented my hair and told me to keep it, no charge. I was completely blown away.

The experience led me to not only buy one other item that day, but more in the future, and I have since shared her business with my friends on Facebook and now here in this blog. Her expression of gratitude — stemming from her appreciation that I visited her business — kindled in me a kindness and loyalty to her that hasn’t been forgotten, even though this experience happened well over a year ago.

When you think of marketing, does gratitude play into your strategy? Not only does gratitude encourage businesses to provide better service to their customers but it plays an important part in the bigger concept of relationship marketing, which emphasizes customer loyalty and retainment.


Learn to express your company’s gratitude with these three components that can easily be incorporated into your marketing plan.


Retain Customers by Celebrating Their Engagement

Studies in relationship marketing show that by doing something nice for your customers, you increase the chances of that kindness being reciprocated back.

Encourage loyalty by showing your audience you appreciate them. Send a creative pop-up card honoring the one year anniversary of their first purchase, or a special, customized email to acknowledge the day they joined your email list; or give them a special shout-out on your Facebook or Twitter page when they join your audience. The world is a busy place with a lot of choices, so acknowledge their effort by letting them know you’ve paid attention to their engagement.

Find milestones to honor your customer and show them you care and you’ll increase your chances of securing a lasting relationship.

Give Awesome Stuff to Promote Your Business

Not everything you give your customer should be for sale. Offer information, tools, and resources to help your customer make informed decisions about products or services, or topics that are relevant to what they are seeking. Give them free samples of your products so they can explore your business; even better get feedback from their experience so you can find ways to improve services. Prove to them that you care about what they think and give them information that reinforces the advantages of doing business with you versus your competitors.

Create Unforgettable Customer Interactions


In a research report prepared for American Express, surveys showed that two thirds of consumers are willing to pay more at a business that takes care of their needs and exceeds their expectations. Demonstrate the quality of your service by eschewing protocol in favor of giving something a little more personal to your customer.

Enter the handwritten note.

Remember when people used to send cards? In this digital age, many businesses have forgotten the value of personalized print materials. This offers an advantage to savvy marketers because a simple handwritten note to your customer during the holidays or on their birthday can make a lasting impression.

Find unique ways to reward your customer and customize their experience by taking the time to be grateful for their business. After all, without the customer, where would your business be?

What do you think about gratitude in marketing? Tell us in the comments below.

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