Building Stories in Promotional Packaging

As marketers, we have to know how to craft messages that can translate to many different mediums. Sure, we can advertise a particular product or service, but those ads have to resonate in some way to convert our audience into buyers.

A good story goes a long way. Promotional packaging is unique in that you can incorporate sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste to incite an experience that stays in your buyers’ mind. But remember, the message behind all those neat-o features has to be strong.

So what do you say when you’re rolling out a huge direct mail campaign? How do you tell a good story?

With a good opener

You need a way to get people’s attention, which is why you need a good opener. Good openers are short, set the tone of your piece, and evoke a sentiment or inquiry in your buyer.

With a reason for reaching out

Position your products or services in a way that will show your buyer that you are addressing a need they have. You are there to fill a gap, to make their life easier or better. Whatever products or services you are promoting should serve a purpose to your audience. Your marketing message should have characters or situations in it that your buyer will understand and relate to.

With a call to action

Know what you want your end result to be and make sure your message encourages the buyer to learn more about you, either by sending them to your social network, website, or urging them to speak with a company representative via phone or email.

Want more info? Check out this article below by Arnie Kuenn. His tips get into the nitty-gritty of content creation and can help you focus on refining your message to make the most of your mailers.

Have other tips on good stories? Share them in the comments below.

8 Storytelling Tips To Enhance Your Content Marketing

by Arnie Kuenn

Storytelling has been around long before recorded history, but the way stories are told has changed dramatically throughout the course of time.

We’ve evolved from painting the walls of caves to the written word, to plays and movies, to the present ability to tell stories online in the form of videos, blog posts and on social media sites. However, despite the many changes in storytelling, some of the fundamentals have remained the same.

…

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