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Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Kits

Sometimes it’s not all about the design. It’s about the function too.

When Structural Graphics teamed up with advertising agency, TracyLocke to help produce Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch kits, it produced important custom packaging components to help support the sleek, elegant design.

Samsung package design

The kits, which were delivered to cell phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile targeted retail VIPs to introduce them to Samsung’s new product.

Samsung package design

Erik Hluchan, lead paper engineer at Structural Graphics recalls, “[Fit and] quality was paramount. The pieces had to fit perfectly within the box so that even upon being overturned the items would not come loose. Careful consideration was paid to the stock and how it wrapped the box’s exterior and interior.”

He added, “The careful work of the design was made possible by the work of our Mexico hand assembly team.”

Along with creative design services, Structural Graphics offers a complete line of hand assembly services from its warehouse facility in Piedras Negras, Mexico. From sortation and match mailings to kitting, gluing and labeling, SG’s scalable production and warehouse space provides additional design options for projects both large and small.



Spotlight on Packaging: Nokia Launch Kit

Last week’s post got us thinking about some of the packaging products we’ve created over the last few years – and there have certainly been some fun ones.

Like this Nokia launch kit

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

To celebrate the release of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone, Structural Graphics aided client, Tracy Locke with the construction of Nokia’s product launch kit, which was inspired by the phone’s appearance in the Batman film “The Dark Knight” and unveiled at the movie premiere.

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

The packaging, decked out in full Joker style is a misleading little gift – a quirky, purple gift box tied decoratively with lime green ribbon. When opened, the box swiftly deconstructs as all four sides collapse and a recording of The Joker’s maniacal laughter automatically plays (scroll down to the YouTube video below).

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

This design earned the bronze award at the Dallas DMA show.

We also created accompanying “popcorn” boxes, also launched at the premiere.

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

What does your design say?

Despite what your teenager may say, it’s hard to argue that today’s consumer has a lack of options when it comes to shopping for just about anything.

That’s why packaging – especially now – can play a huge part in a business’ success. Packaging sets products apart from each other and impacts buying decisions.

But it only serves a brand as well as the message behind it.

one a day structural graphics design resized 600

To create packaging that works, you have to know your customer. 

The Me Generation Meets Generation Me” a Nielson study released earlier this year, explores the differences between two interesting segments of the consumer market: millennials (19-36 year-olds) and baby boomers (49-67 year-olds).

Key changes in the brain as humans age make it harder for us to deal with a lot of distraction. This could be one reason why baby boomers appreciate simplicity.

Millennials on the other hand, grew up in an age saturated with technology and as a result they are fast adopting technologies of all kinds. They appreciate and look for multidimensional advertising that integrates with social media, especially since 76 percent of them own a smartphone.

Knowing what they want can be the key factor to standing out – and reaching – today’s shoppers in novel ways.

Design that reflects personality is helpful in targeting boomers and millennials. It’s no surprise that each of these demographics look for messaging that relates to their respective lifestyles and what’s relevant relies a lot on age.

Good natured, family friendly messages with a clever wit and positivity may catch the eye of a boomer while fun loving ads featuring celebrities or athletes with sarcastic, slapstick humor is what appeals to millennials.

Get it right and one look will get your brand in the door, all you’ll have to do is keep them there.

Source: Nielson Media Research

Image: One A Day prenatal vitamin packaging by Structural Graphics.


Talking Design with 3D Paper Engineer Bruce Foster

Paper Engineer Bruce Foster
Paper Engineer Bruce Foster

Last week, Bruce Foster, a renowned paper engineer, graphic designer and illustrator spent a day with the Structural Graphics team at their Essex, CT headquarters, enthralling them with a sampling of his incredible body of published pop-up designs. Continue reading

The Evolution of the Gift Card Holder

With the holiday season fast approaching retailers are starting to roll out their new line of gift card offerings. I never paid much attention to gift card packaging myself, until Structural Graphics started designing really neat dimensional gift card holders several years ago. We worked on several projects with very large retailers and it sort of spiraled out of control from there. Our design department was having a field day creating new pop-up gift card holders.

Of course, the main objective for any retailer is to get their gift cards noticed in the stores. When customers buy gift cards it is instant profit for the retailer.  Furthermore, recipients of gift cards tend to spend an average of 25 – 50% more than the dollar value of the gift card*. But the good news doesn’t end there. With an average of $65 Billion spent each year on gift cards a cool $6.8 Billion is left unredeemed*!

It’s clear why gift cards are smart business for retailers, but there are also two key advantages to a high-impact gift card holder.

First, it creates a personal experience with the shopper. Buying a gift card can seem like a fairly impersonal gift, but by adding the creativity and design element into the gifting experience, you make it personal. This alone will attract more buyers to your gift cards and of course a greater return on your gift card business.

describe the imageThe second key advantage is how high-impact gift card holders strengthen your brand. A great example of this is the Victoria’s Secret LOVE gift card line. Structural Graphics designed a gift card holder using the patented Extendo® mechanism. The design allowed for plenty of room for flashy graphics and an interesting user experience.  This example also demonstrates a good way to create a strong brand connection with the recipient. The result is fast redemption rates and higher dollar purchases in the store.

What’s more, if your gift card line is offered at a Gift Card Mall, where you’re competing for attention on the rack, the high-impact gift card holder will win every time.

Like most other industries, the gift card/incentive industry has evolved with the times. Sure, you can produce nice little plastic cards and put them in a standard one-fold cardboard holder. It works. But, once you take a look at what is available and the solutions we can provide, you’ll quickly realize that by keeping your gift card program original or plain, you’re leaving money on the table. That’s just as silly as an unredeemed gift card.

You can see some examples of our gift card work or request samples here.

*Statistics taken TowerGroup research.

Our Healthy Choice Box is Famous!

We recently worked with GW Hoffman Advertising to design and produce this “little box” for their client ConAgra Foods’ as part of a new Healthy Choice online coupon campaign.  Approximately 2,100,000 miniature boxes were produced with a call to action to visit the Healthy Choice website to redeem the $2 off coupon. These were mailed to corporate offices and handed to employees as part of the promotion. The little box is featured in Healthy Choice’s new TV commercial which stars Julia Louis Dreyfus. Click here to watch it on the Healthy Choice website and then click on the “See How It All Began” tab at the bottom. We hope you enjoy it!