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Color Pop! Our Top 5 Marketing Designs

We rounded up a great collection of 3D print projects we produced for the country’s biggest brands.

In many companies, marketers and designers are now working together to create the right brand design. The right message reinforced by the right color choices, creates an emotional impression that sticks with consumers.

The sensory components of color trigger personal experiences and associations that spark emotions in people and the context in which colors are presented further establish brand personality.

Beau Lotto, a neuroscientist at University College London, discussed the subject in a Telegraph article published last year:

“Context is everything; red can be friendly when it’s associated with a ketchup bottle and baleful when associated with blood…When I change your perception of [color], what I’m changing is the meaning of the information.

“All our perceptions, then, are grounded in our evolutionary history, which provides us with some of our underlying assumptions, and our personal, culture-infused life history, which provides us with the rest. Colour is simply a useful way that our brains have come up with for representing the world–and what we learn from colour vision applies to the rest of the brain’s interaction with the world.”

The Telegraph published an article last year on a study of logo effects conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia. Doctoral student Jessica Ridgway came to the same conclusion as Lotto; Specific colors can impact the human psyche, but the context of those colors can change a consumer’s view of that color:

“Brands should use logo colors that are associated with the personality traits they want their brand to have in the eyes of consumers…Brand managers cannot rely on traditional color associations alone. They must stay attuned to how colors are viewed and applied in popular culture such as in entertainment, as this tends to influence consumers’ color associations.”

Check out 5 of our most colorful marketing projects below:

Cigna Reference Guide

Sales Aid & Presentation: Cigna Reference Guide

Sarah Jessica ParkerPromotional Packaging: Sarah Jessica Parker

Whirl Pool Table Top

 Counter Top Display: Whirlpool


Sales Aid & Presentation: Tempur-Pedic

Samsung Gear Fit VIP

Promotional Packaging: Samsung Gear Fit


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