Make Your Marketing Explosive: Meet the Exploding Page

Is your marketing team looking for an explosive way to deliver a message, introduce a product or build on its story?

The Exploding Page, one of Structural Graphics’ customizable designs, appears to be a standard looking direct mail piece on the outside, but when opened up, it expands to twice its original size. Aside from creating nearly double the real estate of its closed size, the Exploding Page is an extremely powerful mailer or sales aid which can be designed to incorporate coupons, QR codes and even a hidden pocket to hold brochures or a DVD.

What’s great is that this design still retains that “wow” factor when opened.

Take this piece by Rutgers School of Business. The piece was created to deliver information about its business program to prospective students in a uniquely surprising way.

And how about this piece for Mazda? The automotive company decided to use the Exploding Page to introduce its new CX-5 vehicle in Canada. Not only does the image of the vehicle appear front and center, but Mazda’s marketing team was able to promote their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages by strategically leading them through the brand’s messaging.

Curious to try the Exploding Page for yourself? Get in touch with us and let’s figure out how to take your marketing to the next level.

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