Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2013

Last week, posted a slideshare called, “9 Marketing Trends for 2013’s Second Half” with predictions from marketers on what to keep an eye on for the next half of 2013.

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Among the picks were: interdigital harmony (or the crossover of different digital platforms like social, mobile and web), personalized and fan based marketing along with a new emphasis on multicultural marketing.

SG has a leg up on some of these already, since we’ve been preaching the marriage of direct mail and digital to drive high conversion rates for a while now, including customized PURLs and landing pages to show our target markets that, yes, we’ve been listening to what they want.

The insights are refreshing to read and innovative too – like marketing that reflects multicultural audiences and using kitchen appliances as new venues for digital ad placement. even shares some insight into online video, which we’ve been noticing is a great channel for niche marketing on many levels.

Mosey on over to their website and see the complete presentation here.

Image via: thebarrowboy.

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