Mechanisms that move: Shadow Box

The Shadow Box exhibits 3D shapes and graphics to help brands meaningfully connect with buyers. It’s a marketing option that can be integrated with digital technology to carry conversations online too.

One of Structural Graphics’ marketing templates, the Shadow Box is an extremely versatile form that can be customized for many different industries, particularly ones with a lot to say–both in words and pictures.


– The 3D presentation is dramatic and surprising, like a mini-theater.

– It’s noteworthy and can easily become a keepsake.

– It boasts a ton of real estate. With pull tabs on each side, the Shadow Box expands to twice its original size.

– It mails flat.

– It’s easy to use, completely customizable and integrates with digital technology.

Shadow Box in action

Here’s how we’ve used the Shadow Box in direct marketing campaigns for high-end events, brand and product awareness:

Zucconi Idea Agency teased upcoming circus acts for Ringling Bros.



American Buildings Company announced it’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to customers and prospective customers.



Salix Pharmaceuticals delivered medication information to doctors of IBD patients.


Interested in the Shadow Box and want to know more? Call us at 860-767-2661 or contact SG online.

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