Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Kits

Sometimes it’s not all about the design. It’s about the function too.

When Structural Graphics teamed up with advertising agency, TracyLocke to help produce Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch kits, it produced important custom packaging components to help support the sleek, elegant design.

Samsung package design

The kits, which were delivered to cell phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile targeted retail VIPs to introduce them to Samsung’s new product.

Samsung package design

Erik Hluchan, lead paper engineer at Structural Graphics recalls, “[Fit and] quality was paramount. The pieces had to fit perfectly within the box so that even upon being overturned the items would not come loose. Careful consideration was paid to the stock and how it wrapped the box’s exterior and interior.”

He added, “The careful work of the design was made possible by the work of our Mexico hand assembly team.”

Along with creative design services, Structural Graphics offers a complete line of hand assembly services from its warehouse facility in Piedras Negras, Mexico. From sortation and match mailings to kitting, gluing and labeling, SG’s scalable production and warehouse space provides additional design options for projects both large and small.



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