Spotlight on Packaging: Nokia Launch Kit

Last week’s post got us thinking about some of the packaging products we’ve created over the last few years – and there have certainly been some fun ones.

Like this Nokia launch kit

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

To celebrate the release of the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music phone, Structural Graphics aided client, Tracy Locke with the construction of Nokia’s product launch kit, which was inspired by the phone’s appearance in the Batman film “The Dark Knight” and unveiled at the movie premiere.

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

The packaging, decked out in full Joker style is a misleading little gift – a quirky, purple gift box tied decoratively with lime green ribbon. When opened, the box swiftly deconstructs as all four sides collapse and a recording of The Joker’s maniacal laughter automatically plays (scroll down to the YouTube video below).

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

This design earned the bronze award at the Dallas DMA show.

We also created accompanying “popcorn” boxes, also launched at the premiere.

Structural Graphics Nokia package design

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