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Pier 1 Pop-Up Holiday Catalog

We love things that pop, bend, pull and are made of paper, so naturally we were thrilled to be a part of the creation of the Pier 1 holiday pop up catalog!

Pier 1 wanted a way to “craft an unforgettable holiday” by laying out their holiday catalogue differently. As you can see, each page opens up to a different room decorated with a holiday theme. Structural Graphics was involved in the final stages of design process and production engineering, manufacturing and hand assembly.

It didn’t stop at the catalog, though. See below…


This catalog replicated, and was handed out, at the Pier 1 pop up store in Manhattan!

Pier 1 Collateral1 Pier 1 Collateral2 Pier 1 Collateral3 Pier 1 Collateral4 Pier 1 Collateral5 Pier 1 Collateral6 Pier 1 Collateral7 Pier 1 Collateral8 Pier 1 Collateral10 Pier 1 Collateral12



Pier 1
Structural Graphics President, Ethan Goller, visits the installation!

It All Began with A Pop-up Book

Most likely, you’ve heard our spiel (and if you haven’t, you’re in luck): “Structural Graphics is the pioneer of the dimensional print marketing industry.”

“Okay,” you might be thinking, “that’s great. But who decided to take a pop-up and turn it into an ad?” Which is a reasonable question — it’s a pretty genius idea.  Although it has been said that digital is taking over the marketing space, it’s undeniable that our work really POPS, gets attention and drives to digital.

Believe it or not, Structural Graphics did not start with an advertisement.  It all started with a fascination of pop-up books and paper that led us to engineer a new medium for the world of advertising.

Paper house in pop-up book
Paper house in pop-up book

When asked about how the company got started, Ethan Goller, president of Structural Graphics, had this to say:

“Structural Graphics was the first company ever to introduce interactive print collateral for advertising and marketing on a commercial scale, and so can claim having “invented” the medium for use in that space.” he says.

“I’m often asked, ‘how did it all get started?’ Company founder, Chris Crowell, had a background in the graphic arts and advertising. He also had a passion for movable (“pop-up”) books, and the notion struck him:

‘If you could take the interactivity, engagement and whimsy of a pop-up book and apply it to advertising, it would perform better than traditional (“flat”) print collateral.’


That was in 1976! And as we prepare to celebrate our 40th anniversary next year, stronger than ever in a business that has transformed dramatically to be relevant in a digital environment, we are proud to boast about our place in advertising history.”

Ethan sums it up perfectly. Times change. So does Structural Graphics.  That’s why we were thrilled when Google came to us to produce a popup book for their new app, Google Photos. We can incorporate technology in print — videos, sound, web keys, NFC, you name it, or take it all the way back to our roots with our love for pop-up books.

Google Popup Book (18)