The Common Theme: Art

The people that make up Structural Graphics all have one thing in common: they love to create and they love to visualize the world.

Because of their amazing talent and perspective, our print creations go beyond just marketing and branding — each project is a work of art.

For example, look at this card.

2012 Holiday Card Design ll Structural Graphics

If you were holding it you’d be struck by its movement, by the paper birds and branches rustling and shaking off the winter snowflakes, as you unfolded this brightly colored, enchanted looking forest right in the palm of your hands. Let’s be honest. You would feel like a little kid with a new toy. Excited. Amazed. Protective of your new treasure. And you would remember who sent it to you.

Drawing the wand at this kind of magic is what our team loves to do; examining and producing the intricacies, the folds, patterns, textures, finishes, sounds — the artful logistics that transform things into feelings and then into memories.

No, it’s definitely no secret that our people share a common passion: a true love of art and a fascination with design. They see opportunity for creativity everywhere.

Tie Fold Design by SG's Erik Hluchan
Above, Creative Director Erik Hluchan’s intense tie fold.

See FB pics of our latest employee art show

Illustration by SG Project Manager Jennifer Crandall



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