The Flat-Cube: Popping up near you

More than 30 years ago, a fascination with pop-up books and paper led Structural Graphics to engineer a new advertising medium focused on dimensional print.

Now, we help the world’s leading brands differentiate themselves from the competition by thinking differently about paper and what it can do.

Because it’s plain that paper does remarkable things to people.

We recently touched-base with a colleague, who described how one of her prospective clients reacted after receiving a dimensional marketing piece we created.

“We were presenting digital solutions to them and handed out swag bags at the end of the meeting. One of the items inside the swag bag was a Flat-Cube we produced through [Structural Graphics].

When the client pulled it out of the poly-bag, she went nuts! She loved it. I thought, “wow, she had a bigger reaction to this dimensional marketing piece than she had to the cool digital solutions we presented.'”

What is a Flat-Cube mailer?

Three-year-old demonstrates a Structural Graphics pop-up mailer.

The Flat-Cube is a customizable direct marketing template that ships flat. It features a low-tech 3D paper cube that springs into the air automatically when opened.

Take a look at some of the pieces we designed using the Flat-Cube template:

University of Washington Tacoma Flat-Cube 

Robert Morris University Flat-Cube 

Experian Flat-Cube

Lincoln Mercury Rolling Cube

Want to share your ideas about Flat-Cube mailers with us? Tweet to us @SG_Tweets using the hashtag #inpaperwetrust.

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