What You Need to Know About 2013 Folded Self-Mailer Regulations

Beginning January 5, 2014, The United States Postal Service will enforce its revised 2013 self-mailer postal regulations with penalties for non-compliance.

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A USPS study to revise machinable folded self-mailer standards has led to new standards to better match its processing capabilities. The new guidelines only apply to automation and machinable rate mailers.

Here are some tips about the new guidelines.

5 things that haven’t changed:

  1. Shape must have squared corners. Max corner radius is .125 of an inch.
  2. Aspect ratio quotient should equal 1.3 to 2.5 inches.  
  3. The mailing address must be parallel to the length of the mailer and the indecia.
  4. The maximum weight is 3 ounces. Anything above goes in an envelope.
  5. The total thickness must range from .009 to .25 inches.

5 Things that have changed:

  1. Minimum size is  the same, but the max is now 10.5 x 6 inches.
  2. No more perfed tabs. There’s now a two-tab minimum.
  3. There are now requirements for paper weight.
  4. Folding is less flexible; the bottom must always be closed.
  5. Panels are now counted; the maximum is 12. Mailing panels can’t be made by the final fold.
  6. Flaps can no longer be on the mailing panel.

See more about the new mail regulations in Trish Witkowski’s YouTube video USPS 2013 FSM Guidelines: A Crash Course.


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