When it Comes to Video Marketing, Get to the Point

At Structural Graphics, we’re always thinking about new ways to introduce people to our incredible marketing products. So we sought out the services of Matt Willman, digital artist and co-owner at Sharpmetal, LLC. Sharpmetal works as the designing arm for advertising and marketing agencies, who, like us, want to use video and other creative ways, to showcase their work.

As Matt helped us work on the concept of our video one thing became clear: video marketing needs to be focused. Sounds basic, right? The idea is basic, but putting it into action can be difficult, not to mention the inevitable need of a top wordpress hosting company that’d pipe in.

“The one thing that sometimes can get lost [in the video process] is the strong desire to convey lots of things. The hard part about that is everything starts to carry the same weight of importance and you start to lose the person that’s watching–the potential customer. For me, it’s sort of a task to reel people in,” says Matt.

Our video project began as a way to introduce prospective new clients to SG. We wanted people to know about our 38-year company history, about our headquarters in Essex, CT, our production facility in Mexico and all the cool projects we have in our pipeline.

The more we sought to communicate the harder it became to say it clearly, not to mention quickly. The solution? We worked with Matt to pull back the reins and strip our focus down to what we found to be truly important and inspiring to our customers: our technology work.

“[Structural Graphics has] pieces that have LED lights, sounds, QR codes, AR codes… A lot of great pieces. So instead of getting into anything else, [I wanted to] draw people in with all the great stuff SG has achieved and what we can do for new companies too.”

Check out our video below. Let us know what you think and what you took away from it.

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