Whirlpool’s Marketing Gets the Right People Talking

Whirlpool’s 360-degree approach to marketing, incorporating web, TV and print, has made it’s brand presence more relevant and attractive to consumers in the home appliance marketplace.
Just as Whirlpool designs “in-home solutions that help make the most of every minute,” the home appliance maker crafts a brand personality that makes the most of every minute it has the consumer’s attention.

Whirlpool is no stranger to direct marketing. In the last few years, it has received accolades for its interesting multichannel approach to brand marketing. Not only does Whirlpool connect with people online (through social media, YouTube and its own website), but also through interesting in-store displays and direct mail outlets — and more recently — through collaborations with relevant influencers whose audience closely resembles Whirlpool’s target consumer.

In 2013, Whirlpool’s advertising got the attention of marketers everywhere with its clever storytelling built out across marketing platforms to grow brand awareness and loyalty:

“Whirlpool introduces consumers to the Design and Simplify story via a TV spot featuring a teenage daughter freaking out at her mother for washing her new jeans out of fear that they’ll fade. Consumers can then continue the jean saga through print advertisements or become exposed to a new story (featuring a red dress that has been washed in a Whirlpool appliance to maintain its bold color). Instead of bombarding consumers with pointless advertisements, Whirlpool decided to brighten the print advertisements by adding a bit of value… consumers can learn how to accessorize the red dress in the June issue of Real Simple.” – Direct Marketing News

This year, Whirlpool has come up with more interesting ways to be interactive — and unforgettable — by partnering with blogger Beau Coffron of Lunchbox Dad, to promote the #ItsAllCare campaign. #ItsAllCare has helped the brand spark conversations about families and caring for others — topics that are on the minds of people who need Whirlpool appliances the most — caretakers like mom and dad…


Beyond the First Impression – Interactive Elements

Working with Whirlpool’s brand agencies we’ve helped developed dimensional marketing tools that have helped Whirlpool bring its messaging to life, including:

  • Launch Kits
  • Sales Aids
  • Direct Mail

Extending the Interaction: Direct Mail, Sales Aids, Launch Kits

Check out a collections of work we produced for Whirlpool to help consumers experience a more memorable interaction with the brand…

Whirlpool Gladiator “Magnify Your Experience”

Whirlpool mailed this piece to TED Conference attendees and offered them an exclusive VIP membership access code to receive special pricing on their products.

 Changing Picture Launch Kit

Whirlpool Maytag created this Point of Sale piece housing a brochure, letter, key chain, and other goodies.

Easy-to-Set-Up Display

Whirlpool promoted a $400 cash back offer with a display that ships flat and immediately pops up when you press down on the base.

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