X-Ray Viewer Adds Magic to Print Marketing

Looking to increase interaction and response from your clients? Support your marketing outreach with custom promotional displays and direct mail designs that feel like magic.

Created by Structural Graphics’ senior designer Rob Kelly, the Magic X-ray Viewer uses clever paper engineering, a thin, polyester film called Mylar and some imagination to create an interactive hide-and-reveal mechanism that extends the interaction brands have with consumers.

Magnify Your Experience

Define brand personality and boost engagement with something dimensional.


We helped Whirlpool brand Gladiator produce this direct marketing piece for VIPs attending a TED conference. This ultra-targeted campaign featured exclusive pricing on Whirlpool products for the recipients only. The X-ray Viewer supported the promotion by creatively teasing images of the brand’s products as they would appear in a familiar home setting, like that of their target audience.

To capture the “Magic and Wonder” of the holiday, we experimented with the X-ray Viewer mechanism for our 2013 holiday card design.


Our design used the x-ray feature to reveal hidden foxes, owls and other cute animals within a beautiful winter background of trees and snow.

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