Solution of the Week: Signal 88 Security Magnasnap Car

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Run Time: 2:36

This week’s featured solution is a Magnasnap direct mail piece we produced for Signal 88 Security. Signal 88 Security is a franchise-based company owned by military veterans and former police officers who want to create peace of mind in communities. They were looking to launch a direct mail campaign that incorporated a pop-up vehicle. They chose us due to our turnaround times, pricing, and paper engineering capabilities.

The goal for this campaign was to build awareness of their patrol services among property managers in 12 cities. Instead of sending a flat postcard that would likely get tossed, they wanted to customize a vehicle design to drive recipients to be interested in reading the message and learning more. We designed and manufactured the Magnasnap vehicle which mails flat and then, by pushing in the outer edges of the piece, automatically pops into fully dimensional shape, acting as a great desktop reminder of Signal 88’s brand. The call to action was for recipients of the mailer to visit Signal 88’s landing page that contained a phone number to call if they were interested in pursuing their patrol service. Our client shared that this unique, slick design has gained positive feedback, especially because it provides a lasting impression of their brand.

In total, 1,100 cars were mailed, and Signal 88 ordered an additional 300 pieces for their Sales Team to use at meetings. From the mailing, they connected with 86 decision makers over the phone, and of those phone calls, 38% led to meetings. This response rate is 13% higher than the rate Signal 88 typically achieves from their telemarketing efforts, without sending a high-impact direct mailer. They currently have 9 contracts that are expected to bring in $10,000-$15,000 a month in revenue. 

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