Solution of the Week: U.S. ARMY SleekPeeks® VR Viewers

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Run Time: 3:22

This week, Jenna features a project for the U.S. ARMY. MRM/McCann approached Structural Graphics to help them develop a VR platform for the US ARMY to use as a recruiting tool in Q1 and Q2 of 2019. Given the magnitude of the mailing, a postal-friendly, cost-effective, easy-to-assemble, and captivating format was critical. Our SleekPeeks® Virtual Reality Viewers were selected because they hit the mark. Cenveo Los Angeles did the print production and collaborated with us for assembly and mailing. The print treatment was an incredible mix that included a unique textured UV, specific to the three print themes.

The objective of the campaign was recruitment. There were three print themes in total: Sniper, Tank Commander, and Bomb Tech. Each of the three themes targeted 150,000 recipients, for a total mailing of 450,000 viewers. Simple directions were printed on the viewer to download the VR app from both Google Play and the App Store. The VR app was created by MRM/McCann, and depending upon which solider the viewer chose to hover over in the VR app, they were taken to an immersive experience as either a Sniper, a Tank Commander or a Bomb Tech. The app is called “In Our Boots”.

Structural Graphics’ SleekPeeks® VR Viewers are inexpensive and postal-friendly because they mail flat and are easy to assemble, simply by inserting the tabs into the designated slots – causing the viewer to “pop” together in seconds. With a sturdy design and high-quality lenses, SleekPeeks® provide a complete immersive experience. The viewers are fully customizable, and the outer envelope offers plenty of room for additional art and messaging.

Cenveo, MRM/McCann, and the US ARMY were all very happy with the end product, and results are currently still being accumulated. Click here to see more images of this project.

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