Yeah, It's Possible - Light Up Your Marketing with LEDs

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Run Time: 1:36

Marketers are always looking for ways to help their message stand out and these creative marketers did it by lighting up their print using LEDs.  Our technology team can help you create a piece that highlights an important point, draws attention to your visuals or actually mimics how a product works.  The possibilities are endless as you can see from these very different examples.

Ascensia Diabetes Care used lights to draw attention to the information on each tab of the piece while demonstrating how the smartlight technology feature of this diabetes meter changes color based on the sugar level of the user. Learn more about this project.

Buckman International used LED’s to create a lifelike manufacturing environment where their Oxamine Water Treatment program can be used. Learn more about this project.

Audi provided our technology team with a detailed video showing how the lights on their new A8 is triggered to greet the owner as the car senses the key fob approaching.  Our Paper Engineers were able to re-create that experience in a magazine insert, complete with a radio frequency enabled faux key fob and using 49 LED’s triggering in sequence to recreate the Audi’s elegant light feature. Learn more about this project.

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