Yeah, It's Possible - Paper Replicas

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Run Time: 1:22

Of all the ways you can promote your product or service, perhaps none are as fun and effective as the examples we’re going to see today. With our paper replicas, pop up product folders and exquisite 3D scale models marketers have created unforgettable launches, invitations, sales aids and education materials.

We’ve replicated Cities, Factories, Lecture Halls, and buildings of all kinds. We’ve built tractors and submarines and sailboats. We’ve driven business with SUVs, dashboards, rear view mirrors and Roadsters. Firetrucks, and firetrucks and firetrucks - and even crashed trucks. There was a Welding Machine, an intricate Ultrasound System, a detailed X-Ray machine, a blink assisted tear device and an adorable Intermittent Pneumatic Compression System. Phonographs, flowerpots and can you believe it - even little paper piggies.

Want to bring your brand to life in 3D? Yeah, it's possible. Contact Structural Graphics.

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