The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox Pop Up Book

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Client: WonderVision

The non-profit Alaskan publishing company WonderU was looking for someone to bring their Arctic pop-up book, The Adventures of Apun the Arctic Fox, to life. The authors wanted to create a fun, educational experience for young readers. This book uses simple language, beautiful illustrations, and unique pop-ups to reveal what a reader might not know about life in the Arctic. It’s amazing to see all the active life in the freezing sub-zero climate. WonderU’s print partner, Color Art, located in Anchorage, recommended Structural Graphics because we are one of the few companies in the United States that is acclaimed for pop-ups.  

The WonderU team brought Structural Graphics the creative and we helped them to produce the pop ups in mass. Additionally, WonderU designed the demo pages of the pop ups and sent us the files so that we ensured everything functioned properly.  Structural graphics was responsible for printing and manufacturing the project. 

The book launched in October of 2017 and is meant to bring awareness to Frontier Scientists, an Arctic multimedia project, funded by the National Science Foundation. Their job is to inform the general public about research in the Arctic. All the information in the book is scientifically and culturally accurate. The end goal is to interest further exploration of videos and blogs at the website. There, field information from scientists will increase awareness about the Arctic for adults and children alike. Fun and amazing facts are plentiful.

2,000 books were printed and are available for purchase on Amazon, as well as Follett Books.  And the books have been sold to school libraries across the nations. Parents and teachers loved the book and were excited to purchase it for their children and classrooms.  For some families “read Apun!” - meaning snow, has become a bedtime chant. 

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