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Director, Project Management


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With a background that includes positions in sales, customer service, procurement and project management, all at print and graphics companies, there is no one better suited to lead our project management team than Karen. She excels at developing plans, identifying key players, overcoming obstacles, easing fears, rallying troops and setting examples. When project demands seem impossible or when wrenches are thrown into the works, we: Keep Calm and Call Karen.

Both enthusiastically creative and analytically strategic, Karen is skillful at managing multiple priorities, resourceful in resolving problems and FANATICAL about meeting deadlines. Yes, fanatical. She keeps her department on-time, other departments’ on-time and if you work with her, she’ll keep you on-time too. You’ve been warned.

Making the impossible happen and cracking the deadline whip does take its toll. When it’s time to reboot Karen can be found hiking the local Connecticut trails or hanging at the beach. Can’t find her? Check her She Shed. She’s probably in there doing yoga or drinking wine with her friends. Or both.

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