Print and NFC

NFC – Print's Digital Connection

Near-field communication (NFC) technology uses tiny, radio frequency (RFID) emitting tags to connect with digital devices like smartphones.  When a smartphone comes within range of the RFID signal, its web browser displays the content the signal steers it to. It’s that simple. There are no special apps needed or software to download. With Apple’s release of ios11, virtually all mobile devices moving forward will provide NFC interactivity.

NFC technology can be used on brochures, in store signs, posters, flyers, mailers, manuals, instruction sheets, coupons, business cards or any printed materials. Drive people to a website, a video, a contest, to update their contact profile or any online destination through any printed piece.

Our clutter-busting dimensional mail pieces have been out-performing their traditional counterparts with superior ROI and response rates for over 4 decades. Combine our attention-getting designs with NFC for maximum impact and results!

A Trusted Partner

We have over over 40,000 existing designs that you can apply your NFC tag to. Trust our hand assembly professionals for proper application of NFC tags that can’t be done by machine - in quantities from hundreds to millions.

Imagine the Possibilities!

Print and NFC

  • Automotive

    Give recipients a sneak peek of your new car model, take them on POV test, have them enter a sweepstakes or help them find the closest dealer!

  • Pharmaceutical

    Deliver patient education materials, increase compliance with reminders that can be signed up for online, or share patient portals!

  • Higher Education

    Take students on a virtual campus tour, introduce them to educators, streamline their admission process or promote athletic programs.

  • Travel and Tourism

    Bring travelers on a tour of your property, share discount offers, provide sign up for specials or award upgrades, introduce club benefits and prom…

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