Kellogg's Video Cereal Box

Code: 1918-257

Services: Promotional Packaging, Video Mailers, VIP and Influencer Kits

Client: Creata for Kellogg's

Creata approached Structural Graphics with two concepts for a big launch for their client, Kellogg’s, and asked how we could help them execute their vision. Kellogg’s, along with Universal Studios, wanted to tie these projects in with the premiere of the blockbuster hit Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The project had to appeal to fans of the movie, but also to fans of Kellogg’s products.

The first concept was this Frosted Flakes cereal box. This piece included a textured raised UV print treatment, so you can feel the dinosaur’s scales, and contrasting high gloss on a matte background to ensure the logos stood out. Inside is what you would typically find inside of a cereal box, the box of Frosted Flakes itself. But there was also a video unit, complete with an adapter and charging cable, containing 5 minutes of behind the scenes footage of Universal Studios’ Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

The other concept was a video cookie box. See it here!

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