TracyLocke Samsung The Frame Flapper

Code: 5517-229

Services: Direct Mail

Client: TracyLocke and Blanks Printing & Digital Solutions for Samsung

Our client TracyLocke was looking for an innovative way to promote their client, Samsung’s, new television product, The Frame, that also acts as a work of art when the viewer is not watching TV. Because The Frame re-defines digital artwork in one’s home, TracyLocke turned to the company that has been re-defining dimensional print marketing for over 40 years – none other than Structural Graphics. TraceyLocke Dallas was responsible for creating the artwork design and flow, while Structural Graphics owns the dimensional design format and brought TracyLocke’s concept to life. Blanks Printing and Digital Solutions was the printer responsible for printing their project. Blanks was awarded the 2nd highest award presented at a regional PIA gala as Best in Show, as well as a Premier Print Award for Best in Show at the National level for this specific campaign. TracyLocke also received a Bronze for this project at the Addy’s in February. 

TracyLocke has worked with Structural Graphics on several high-profile projects in the past and says that we are their “go-to” for unique structures, materials and finishings that “Wow!”, which is why they turned to us for this direct mail campaign for Samsung. Because the purpose of this campaign was to illustrate the duality of the product and show how it can transform into both art and television, TracyLocke chose our Flapper format, due to its transformative nature as well, and because it was very engaging for sales associates. 

TracyLocke liked the “fidget factor” of this product and its engaging nature which causes the recipient to “not want to put it down”. Due to the interactivity of the piece, recipients often hold on to it and show it to other contacts in their company, creating even more brand awareness. There is also a soft touch feel that was applied to the paper, which directly correlates to the sleekness and sophistication of the Samsung brand. The Flapper structure allowed enough real estate to communicate all their messaging, while providing the user with a unique participatory experience.

TracyLocke shared that this project completely fulfilled their expectations with design, materials, and functionality. They shared that the piece was well received by national retail sales associates in educating them on the key pillars of The Frame product. It also created a lot of excitement and buzz around the product internally within the client’s organization, and there were requests from additional segments for regional versions for their own organizations abroad. There is even buzz around creating another Flapper soon! 

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