Breathe New Life into Direct Mail with Augmented Reality

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The AR market is estimated to reach a whopping $198 billion in 2025. Numerous brands have been integrating Augmented Reality into their direct mail campaigns to deliver fully immersive experiences to their consumers. After all, Augmented Reality takes direct mail to a whole other level. Take a look at some examples.

Ally Bank used the captivating power of Augmented Reality to help educate children about earning, spending and saving. This oversized cube delivered flat and then automatically popped into its 3 dimensional shape. Scanning the QR code with their Smartphone unlocked 4 different AR experiences the child could access just by pointing their phone at any of the cubes sides.

The addition of AR in print is also helping pharmaceutical companies give physicians instant access to the information they need. This AR mailer helped a major Pharma enjoy a 65% response rate!

Those are just some incredible examples of how brands are bridging the gap between print and digital using Augmented Reality while bringing in some amazing results. Contact us today to brainstorm with one of our design experts into how you can breathe new life into your next direct mail campaign using augmented reality. 

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