Solution of the Week: Diageo Case Tuckers

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Run Time: 1:18

This week, Hillary shares an innovative way to get your brand to stand out from the crowd. Most of us have probably been in a liquor store. They’re crowded places, right? So many brands are trying to get consumers to notice their products that it can be hard for a specific company or product to stand out. Diageo came to us with that very problem. The alcoholic beverages company, headquartered in London, was looking for a sleek and cost effective way to cut down on the clutter while still getting customers to pay attention when shopping at their stores. Enter these case tuckers. Diageo was so happy with the result that they’ve already reordered their next batch and now other brands like Smirnoff are looking to develop versions of their own. We’re also creating eye-catching point of sale designs to be displayed on countertops and create another touch point with consumers.

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