Yeah It's Possible - Increasing Engagement with QR Codes

Run Time: 1:34

QR Codes are EVERYWHERE and they're not going ANYWHERE anytime soon.  The challenge marketers have is increasing engagement with QR Codes and that’s where we can help.  Our Paper Engineers create pop up and dimensional print pieces to get your QR codes noticed and in the examples you'll be seeing today, they actually used the customer’s mobile device to bring the printed piece to life.

Jimmy Kelly's Steakhouse wanted to deliver the ultimate holiday experience to its customers and used this holiday card with a pop up fireplace to do just that. When customers scanned the QR code and inserted their smartphone in the opening behind the fireplace, a video of crackling fire immediately played bringing warmth and excitement to their holiday greeting.   

In 2019, Iggesund Paperboard chose Structural Graphics to design their holiday card. Our talented paper engineers created a magical winter forest scene that came to life in a dimensional shadowbox.  When the QR code was scanned, a light show launched on the mobile device that illuminated the shadow box simulating the magical illumination of the aurora borealis. More on that project here.

Want to get your audience to engage with your message on their mobile device? Yeah, it's possible. Contact Structural Graphics.

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