Yeah, It's Possible - Bridging the Gap Between Print and Digital

Run Time: 1:38

Our customers have had huge success using interactive and dimensional print to drive their customers and prospects on-line using QR codes, Near Field Communication tags, and Web Keys.  Take a look at how these brands have elevated their customers experience. 

This dimensional mailer stood out to ensure it was opened, then used pop ups and visual image changes to communicate key message points.  Recipients then tapped the Near Field Communication tag and were driven to a website to conveniently register for the webinar.  

Bristol Myers Squibb used this virtual trade show booth that mails flat and pops up into a replica of their booth to bring the trade show experience to doctors’ offices.  The piece contained multiple QR codes prominently displayed to deliver important drug information.

Fuji used this flip book mailer to invite executives to a webinar on the productivity tools they offer.  When inserted into a USB port the web key launched a browser and took prospects to a website to register for the webinar.  Web keys don’t contain memory so they are safe to use and can also provide analytics on who responded to the campaign.  This mailer generated an outstanding 36% response rate.

Do you want to bridge the gap between print and digital experiences? Yeah, it's possible. Contact Structural Graphics.

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