Yeah, It's Possible - Sound Modules

Run Time: 1:15

Technology has been enhancing the effectiveness of print even before there were video brochures, NFC tags or QR codes. Back then we did it with sound modules - and we still do.

Just like pop ups, the surprise of sound enhances a message and leaves a lasting impression. A simple brochure like this transforms into something special when the orchestra plays, and the addition of sound pushes a dimensional piece like this to the next level.

They can add drama, create urgency, and even add some levity. They can be iconic while being humorous and they can not only enhance your story, they can tell it. Engaging with multiple senses makes marketing more memorable and effective. We can engineer a sound module into just about any piece we create.

Want to make sure your message is heard loud and clear? Yeah, it's possible. Contact Structural Graphics.

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