Yeah, It's Possible - Virtual Trade Show Booths

Run Time: 1:06

Most trade shows these days either have virtual components - or have gone virtual altogether.

But, you can still offer prospects your brands “wow” booth experience. In fact, you can send them the booth of your dreams.

Working together with you, we can design a 3-dimensional pop-up version of the booth you’ve always wanted.

Add your branding and graphics and it becomes the platform for delivering your show experience to customers and prospects. Enhance it with QR codes and AR tags and you can bring visitors to online presentations and interactive experiences. Add lights, sound or even the scent of fresh brewed coffee or even send it along with a branded giveaway item.

With a virtual booth you’ll always have a captive audience - and the best location in the hall. Have you ever wanted to be the best-in-show? Yeah, it’s possible. See more of our virtual trade show solutions here.

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