Iggesund Paper Integrated Campaign

Code: 7810-005

Services: Advertising Agencies, Direct Mail

Client: Iggesund Paperboard

Our client, Iggesund Paperboard was looking to demonstrate their paper’s strength, durability, resistance to cracking, and superior print reproduction capabilities, so we recommended our proven and effective Flapper® for their campaign. 

Although Iggesund has an amazing product, at the time, they had little brand recognition, so our goal was to help them stand out and capture the attention of their target audience. This B2B lead generation campaign included personalized URL’s which drove recipients to a personalized landing page containing survey questions to help Iggesund learn more about their customers’ needs. The high-impact Flapper® was printed with variable data and mailed in this unique mailing sleeve. As the recipient engages with the piece, they can focus on each feature, enabling them to learn about Iggesund’s product offering. Creating an interactive experience for prospects and separating information into more easily digestible segments is proven to help prospects better comprehend your message. 


Iggesund Paperboard experienced a 6% response rate with this campaign, a 400% increase over their previous marketing campaign, and gained valuable insights from their prospects and customers.

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