Nokia Joker Box

Code: 5508-146

Services: Advertising Agencies, Promotional Packaging

Client: Tracy Locke for Nokia

We worked with agency Tracy Locke to design this box. The box contained a Nokia phone that was featured in the Dark Knight movie. When you untie the lime green ribbon, all sides of the purple box fall open and the Joker says, "Let's put a smile on that face!" then laughs maniacally. The box also had a special premier invitation that we produced for the 300 VIPs it was sent to. We worked with the movie studio to get the actual recording of the Joker's laugh and all was unveiled during the movie premiere in Gotham City. The VIP "Joker" box was a collaboration of designs from Tracy Locke's creative team and SG's team. They wanted a "surprise factor" which is why the collapsing sides of the box were a good fit. The Joker Box was the recipient of the Bronze award at the Dallas DMA show.

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