Little HUG Dimensional Racecar

Code: 1917-464

Services: Automotive, Promotional Packaging

Client: Berlin Productions for Little HUG Fruit Barrels

Berlin Productions approached Structural Graphics with a unique challenge. Their client, Little HUG Fruit Barrels, is a sponsor of NASCAR’s #17 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Roush Fenway Racing. To promote this sponsorship, they were looking for a fun and interactive way to engage children with an in-pack premium- a “pop-out” miniature #17 race car. We produced this economical perf-and-build design that was inserted flat into standard retail packages of Little HUG Fruit barrels. Simple instructions right on the sheet allowed children and adults to fold the panels and tuck the tabs to assemble the race car around the Little HUG fruit barrel. The curved die cuts of the car, the streamlined slope of the roof, and the placement of the tuck tabs were the work of Structural Graphics’ paper engineers. Our challenge was to design the paper race car to fit around the Little HUG barrel, be easy enough for kids to assemble and fit a sheet size of 7 ¾ x 9 ½ . Also getting the perf just right is a fine balance - not too hard to punch out of the paper, but not too loose to fall out. The brand team encouraged fans to share their creations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest which helped to strengthen this sponsorship and encourage fans to interact with the brand.

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