Carestream Ultrasound System Paper Replica

Services: HCP Communications, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Sales Aids

Client: The Verdi Group for Carestream


Structural Graphics designed and produced this miniature paper replica of CARESTREAM's Touch Prime Ultrasound System for our client, The Verdi Group. This replica even resembled the actual product's movements including rotation of parts and a collapsible column. 1,400 paper ultrasound replicas were delivered to radiology administrators across North America to help them demonstrate the features and benefits of this new product, including an all-touch control panel like "nothing the industry has ever seen." The replica looked just like the real thing. 

This project achieved a 12% Lead Rate and 46% Opportunity Conversion Rate

The social media buzz around this project is also note-worthy! Photographs of the design were shared organically online, creating many conversations in the social media community. Specifically one Facebook group targeted at sonographers generated over 4,000+ "likes" for this one project, with hundreds of positive comments! 

Not to mention this is an award-winning design!

  • Awarded GOLD at the Aster Awards which honors excellence in Healthcare Marketing
  • Awarded GOLD at the Healthcare Advertising Awards

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