Kelli Anderson "This Book is a Planetarium" Pop-Up Book

Code: 1916-038

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Client: Kelli Anderson

Designer, innovator, and author Kelli Anderson just released her newest book, "This Book is a Planetarium." In this book, she takes commonly known mechanisms and replicates them through pop-up paper designs to show just how spectacular the physical world truly is. Each pop-up mechanism inside this book actually works and helps to explain the connection between paper and science. Kelli Anderson came up with the initial engineering in her studio and then reached out to the team at Structural Graphics to make the Planetarium piece in the book production-ready. Kelli wanted to be sure the planetarium twisted and folded flat each and every time the book is opened. She also wanted to be sure, after opening + closing, opening + closing, these panels didn’t overlap each other and cover up the tiny die cut holes that make up the constellations. When you place the flashlight of your smartphone underneath the Planetarium dome, the constellations are displayed as if you were viewing them underneath the night’s sky.

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