University Enjoys 50% Engagement Rate from Print-to-Digital Mailer

Services: Higher Education

Who: California Lutheran University

Their Industry: Higher Education

Their Audience: Prospective college students

Their challenge: To re-design their Admission Acceptance Packet from a typical folder with an insert and letters to something that stood out from what students receive from competing schools.

Our Solution: The 4.25” Pop Up Cube. It automatically pops into full dimensional shape when removed from the belly band holder.

The Main Pro: After its surprising activation the cube sticks around as a display, providing a lasting reminder of your brand.

The Pop Up Cube included a QR code which gave students access to a welcome video and their admitted student portal. The interactive print-to-digital experience encouraged immediate action. So much so that 50% of the 4,900 Admission Acceptance Packet recipients scanned the QR code.

According to Creative Team, Video Producer, Michael DeTerra, “The piece is certainly much more interactive and unique than the admission packets students are receiving from the many other schools that flood their mailboxes.”

A California Lutheran University survey of students who deposited, showed a large number of responses mention the uniqueness of the Pop Up Cube. There was also a great deal of positive buzz on social media, from students celebrating this special moment and sharing their reactions to receiving the packet.

The University was awarded an Excellence Award for this project, in the Integrated Campaign Category at the UCDA Competition.

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