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It’s a proven fact: Engaged students learn faster, are more focused, and feel motivated to set and reach for higher goals. So, why shouldn’t schools looking to target these students make their marketing equally as engaging? That’s the very question Grahame Burgess and his team at the University of Canterbury asked themselves. Tasked with the responsibility to promote the university’s newest school, the School of Product Design, set to open to students in 2018, Grahame, the university’s Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for the College of Engineering, said a simple Google search led him to Structural Graphics.

“The website was so easy to browse and find what you are after,” Grahame said via email. “The website and customer service has been absolutely superb all the way through; something so important when I’m ordering product in New Zealand from America.” Grahame said he chose Structural Graphics because it has the largest selection of creative promotional items for sale. Some were so unique, in fact, that he said he had never seen them anywhere else. But despite the number of choices available on Structural Graphics’s website, Grahame and his team finally decided on using a Tablet Flapper to promote the new school and engage with prospective students. The Flapper is kind of like a book you just can’t put down. What makes it so unique is the way it folds continually into itself, revealing four separate layers of messaging ranging from text, photographs and even QR codes. “The material I received was fantastic and exceeded my expectations,” Grahame said. “The School of Product Design will be a hands-on creative school. The material I ordered needed to fully reflect our vision. People we’ve given this material to so far have been blown away with how it works. We’ve even had a few squeals of delight.”

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