Video Mailer Captivates Donors for University of Notre Dame

Services: Higher Education

Client: University of Notre Dame

Project: 7" HD Video Screen Brochure - Landscape

Their Industry: Higher Education

Their Audience: Existing and potential donors

Their Challenge: Persuade prospective and current benefactors that the University’s experiential learning is a "game changer" for students.

Our Solution: 7" HD Video Screen Brochure - Landscape

The Main Pro: Combining the visual and auditory elements of video with the tactile element of print makes Video Brochures remarkably engaging. According to this study, in 2020, 85% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool, with 92% saying it's an important part of their overall marketing strategy.

“We needed to find a source that could produce the piece outside of China due to labor laws,” said Amy Bladow, Project Specialist for the University’s Print Communications. While all video components come from China, Structural Graphics inventories video modules in our North American manufacturing facility, giving us the ability to produce most custom Video Brochure jobs in 7-10 days. That quick turnaround really sets us apart and because they ship from Texas, mailing and distribution is timely and cost effective.

Structural Graphics was a clear choice for Amy and her team, who designed the 7” HD Video Screen Brochure to showcase the experiential learning available at The University of Notre Dame.

“Today’s students aspire for experiences in the field and internationally that will prove to be the difference in their personal lives as well as their professional careers,” she said. “The video brochure was so well received that we are in the process of reordering an additional quantity.”

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