First American Equipment Finance Pop Up Mailer

Code: 1918-133

Services: Direct Mail, Financial

Client: First American Equipment Finance

First American Equipment Finance was looking for a way to build awareness of their financial solutions for office build-outs and renovations. They chose this paper replica of an office space, complete with a pop-up desk, computer screen, presentation board, and thermostat. The goal of this mailer was to capture the attention of a hard-to-reach audience of c-suite executives and decision-makers at professional services companies and visually demonstrate to them the types of financing available for office improvements, including furniture, technology, and heating and air conditioning. As a second wave for this campaign, First American Equipment Finance identified a smaller subset of the original mailing, essentially those people who identified as having interest in an office improvement project. For this, they used our 4.3” Landscape Video Screen Brochure from Red Paper Plane to share a case study on the office build-out project. First American Equipment Finance reported that this project turned out even better than expected. As a result of these combined efforts, they tagged $40 million in opportunities.

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