Showtime Uses Flipbook Design to Promote "The Chi" Series

Code: 2517-528

Services: Direct Mail, Travel & Entertainment

Client: Allied Creative for Showtime Networks

Allied Creative was looking for an engaging way to promote their client, Showtime Networks', new show "The Chi." They looked online for creative structures they had in mind. That's when they discovered our engaging Flipbook design. They turned to their long-time trusted printer and our valued customer Candid Litho for advice. Candid Litho printed the project while we were responsible for the structural design, die-cutting and the assembly of this piece. When you pull on the tab, the pages on the inside turn automatically in succession with each of the show's characters featured prominently on the inside. Showtime reported that the recipients were extremely impressed. In fact, they were so impressed that they have turned to us for another project which will be featured in the near future.

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