Cintas Staged Pop Up Bathroom Mailer

Code: 4318-506

Services: Direct Mail

Client: Cintas

Cintas and their agency Matter Creative turned to Structural Graphics to create this Staged Pop Up. They were looking for a pop-up design that would replicate bathroom products. Their sales process changed slightly where their sales reps were tasked with doing more solution selling. Cintas needed to show that they had a solution for all the parts of restroom management. This design is not only cost-effective to mail because it ships flat, but once opened, the replicated bathroom comes to life through miniature pop ups. This not only takes the recipient by surprise but is also an engaging medium for the end-user to get their marketing message across to their audience. Not only did we design an English version of this mailer, but we also developed a French version for Cintas’ Quebec market.

This mailer has been used company-wide and will be the focal point of a national campaign for Cintas taking place this summer. Cintas described that working with Structural Graphics was a seamless experience, and that we met their expectations from concept to completion.

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