Capital Ideas Origami Bird Mailer

Code: 1917-188

Services: Direct Mail

Client: Capital Ideas

Capital Ideas was looking for a creative gift for their HQ employees and sales representatives to celebrate the launch of the new once daily formulation, Isentress HD. Since the Isentress brand logo is a bird, Capital Ideas contacted us with the idea of creating an origami bird. The idea sounded like a challenge to them, but it was actually a perfect fit. The first step was for our paper engineering team to create and design this paper bird. The last step was to have the hand assembly team build it. Because of the complexity of a custom design like this, every piece was hand folded and glued by our expert hand assembly team. The finished product laid flat for delivery in a clear cello envelope, but when removed, it sat nicely on a desktop, as an enduring reminder of the Isentress brand. Capital Ideas shared that the project met their objectives as they received a lot of positive feedback from recipients. In fact, other brands contacted them to learn more about how they achieved their project, as they plan to create similar promotional materials.

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